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Monday, February 7, 2011
Frank and I just left our 2nd appt. with Dr. Diaz! Everything went great, we got to hear the heartbeat for the first time and again she said it was perfect! Unfortunately no sonogram, but she did recommend that we make an appt. for the 1st trimester ultrasound that screens for Down syndrome.  We weren't going to have the ultrasound originally but she said that even though they do lean heavy on the positive side this doesn't mean you have to have the amnio but it does give you time to prepare in case something is wrong.  I called and made an appt. for Thursday, on the upside of the test we get a new picture of the baby which at this time looks more like a baby and a lot less like a little ball as in the first one!!!! 


Tina A said...

Awwwwwwwww Baby G!!!! I'm so excited to meet you!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle, Frank, Dolce and Baby! said...

Thanks aunt tina!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you and Frank talking to your belly (not just feeding it?!)? Baby G will recognize your voice from hearing it booming above her head all those months, but Daddy Frank has to start making his voice heard too. Are you playing music to the baby - put your IPOD earphones near your belly button - don't be surprised if she starts dancing. I recomend Katy Perry - very peppy music!

Anonymous said...

I hate AIM!!!

Aunt Debbie

Michelle, Frank, Dolce and Baby! said...

haha yeah i was like who the heck is this from!!!! I want to get one of those bands that goes around your belly for the baby to hear the music all the time!! They say classical music makes smart baby's but i was thinking along the lines of katy perry haha

Michelle, Frank, Dolce and Baby! said...

and would you just start a gmail account already lol

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